Dynamic CG Website and Branding

“Ecran Web Design did a fantastic job with my website, and I would fully recommend them to other artists like myself. Their tech support and customer service is top notch as well, which was handy for me.”

Print design for a school reading diary

“We wanted a new design for our school’s reading diary that was more appealing to children- plus we wanted it to be recognisable so they might not lose them so often. Ecran Web Design did a wonderful job and the kids love their new diaries. The designer really listened to our ideas and made sure the diaries are useful as well as attractive. We were surprised at the quality of the result, considering how little it cost us to have the diaries done.”

Logo design for Turves Green Pre-School

“I’m so happy with the logo design Ecran made me. It’s cute and recognisable, which is perfect for me since I’m starting my own day nursery. I think the designer put a lot of thought into it. Plus, the price was reasonable, and the work was finished sooner than I expected.”

Website and branding for Norfolk Hot Tub and Pool

“I couldn’t be happier with the job Ecran Web Design did. The site looks great, and the new branding took everything that was good about the old one and made it better. I wasn’t sure at first how helpful a new site and image would be to finding more work, but only a couple of months after making the changes, my business has really taken off. Ecran were great to work with, and it was easy for me to communicate with them and discuss any tweaks or adjustments I wanted made. I’m definitely glad I chose Ecran Web Design, and the results for my business have been even better than I hoped.”

Logo design for Trendz Beauty

“We would definitely recommend Ecran Web Design if you need a logo. It’s fresh, funky and it fits with our style and branding 100%.”

Logo, website design and branding for Squeaky Little Mouse

“The style and branding suits us perfectly. We’re glad we chose Ecran Web Design for our business, since they’re affordable but the results look amazing. This is the start we wanted for our business.”

Logo design for Lu Lu Vee Photography

“I love the logo! It really fits with what I’m all about. I would definitely recommend Ecran Web Design if you want a great looking logo design that isn’t too expensive.”

Logo design for The Tribe

“This is the perfect logo for us. I think it gets our personality as a company across completely, and it’s the kind of design that will still suit our company when we’re famous.”

Logo design for JimFit

“The logo looks fantastic, really professional and cool.”

Logo design for ReFit

“Fast turnaround, great service, and the logo’s top notch.”

Website, print design, logo and branding for MayTree

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to start off with, but I was able to keep in contact and work closely with the developer, and with his advice and expertise I ended up with an amazing site. As an artist, my branding and image is really important, and Ecran really understood that. Plus they handled everything, from the custom design of my site to creating my businesscards!”

Logo design for NHS Holiday Lettings

“Our new logo from Ecran Web Design was the revitalising boost our site needed. It’s fun, professional and unique- just like us!”